Employer Services

Job Postings

AETS provides a free online Job Posting Board and an internal office Job Posting Bulletin Board, to help seek out a qualified job seeker(s).  Email jobs@aets.org or Fax 807-346-0310 or Submit a Job Posting to help in your recruitment process!

Interested in Hiring?...select our AETS Hiring Poster and/or the optional Marketing Service Rates website for AETS recruitment related strategies.

Interested in a Guide to Developing Indigenous Inclusion Policies?...review the following link and feel free to ask if you require further assistance.

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Application Collecting, Packaging and Forwarding.

AETS stocks applications and related forms for employers and we help in the process of directing the flow of paper work in the right direction for job postings and other services, whether its fax, email, or mail.

Briefing Session Hosting

AETS hosts your briefing (or information) session for job seekers in our boardroom (with video conference capabilities).

Interview Co-ordination

AETS hosts your interviews with prospective workers in our boardroom (with video conference capabilities), and can also collaborate in co-ordinating the interview booking process.

Targeted Referrals

AETS refers qualified applicants to your job posting(s), through an internal database that includes many of our First Nation Citizens, and can also circulate applicable job postings to the applicable applicants you seek.

Wage Subsidies

AETS accesses wage subsidies that can assist First Nation Citizens, who require assistance to overcome existing or anticipated labour market barriers.

Training Programs

  • AETS partners  with public, private and not for profit organizations, to provide demand based training to the First Nation Citizens we serve.
  • AETS also offers tailored Personality Dimensions Training Workshops for Employers and Indigenous Communities.   Pricing includes:  Personality Dimension Booklet Costs/per person, Travel, Meals, Accommodations, Preparation & Assessment - AETS Staff Time, No Administrative Fee for Affiliated First Nation Community first time delivery or Administrative Fee.  Please contact the Executive Director for more information.