• Skilled Indigenous workforce


  • To provide guided education and training pathways, towards inclusive employment opportunities respectful of culture.

Organization Information:

    • AETS is part of a nation wide agreement with the Indigenous Skills Employment and Training (ISET) Program Terms and Conditions, and one of the 110 distinct based ISET Program Agreement Holders in Canada (one of 22 in Ontario) as of July 2nd 2019 with the following ISET Program’s goals over the next 10 years:
      • Improved skills levels of First Nation Citizens and reduced skills gap
      • Improved employment outcomes of First Nation Citizens and reduced employment gap.

    • The ISET Agreement allows for financial assistance to AETS, to support the costs of programs and services and other activities related to the ISET program and section 63 of the Employment Insurance Act.  The objective of the agreement is to increase the participation in the Canadian labour market of the Aboriginal people served in the North Superior Region (Robinson-Superior Treaty).