Marketing Rates

AETS Online Marketing Rates:

  • $TBA

AETS On-Site Rates:

  • Up to One Hour Recruitment Booth:  $TBA

  • Up to One Hour Information Session:  $TBA

  • Up to Two Hour Recruitment Booth and Information Session:  $TBA

  • Up to One Hour Video Conference:  $TBA

AETS Online Advertising Rates:

  • Website:  $TBA/month for an Employer Logo on AETS Homepage

  • Newsletter:  $TBA/quarter for an Employer Logo on AETS Quarterly Newsletter

  • Office Art:  $TBA/month for an Employer Logo next to displayed Indigenous Art for a North Superior Region First Nations Artist Fund

  • Event:  $TBA


Please contact the following AETS representative to forward an employer logo and/or to be invoiced for one or more of the above rates: