Elder In Residence

Given COVID-19, arrangements can be explored to meet with an Elder since the following Calendars are "Tentative" and may change: 




Scheduling for Elders Rotation...as of June 1, 2020:

  1. At this point in time, 8 of the 9 AETS communities have Elder spots reserved and each First Nation Community is rotated evenly throughout the schedule.
  2. Each First Nation Community may have 1 or more individuals or couples, and the person(s) will be rotated within the First Nation Community evenly.
  3. In the event there is a couple listed, they will be considered as 1.
  4. In the event an Elder is unable to attend the scheduled time slot when scheduling occurs:
    • the schedule will be adjusted by bringing in the next individual on the list for that First Nation Community, or
    • If the First Nation Community does not have an approved Elder available, the spot will go to the next First Nation Community on the list (this will be done in an even rotation of communities).
  5. If a cancellation is done without prior notice (3 business days), the spot may be cancelled at the discretion of AETS, or if an event is scheduled a local Elder may be called in to fill that spot.

Please note changes may cause an Elder and/or First Nation Community to appear on the calendars multiple times.  We will contact individuals two weeks prior to scheduling to confirm attendance and availability.

If you have any questions, you can contact Paula Bouchard or Genevieve Desmoulin in the office at (807) 346-0307 or via email aets@aets.org.  Thank you for your dedication.