Indigenous Workplace Inclusion

March 25, 2021 Event:

  • Registration/Agenda
  • Poster
  • Introductory Remarks & Greetings Videos:
    • Welcoming from AETS Board of Directors President, Mike Hardy
    • Opening Prayer
    • Message from AETS Executive Director, John DeGiacomo
    • Message from Indigenous Works President, Kelly Lendsay
    • Message from Magnus Theatre Company Northwest, General Manager, Peter Boyle

  • Event Video:
    • Performance by Tonto’s Nephews:  7 Stages of the Inclusion Continuum

    November 20, 2017 Thunder Bay Event:

    Indigenous Works - Partnership Video Link and the the seven-stage Inclusion Continuum

    Indigenous Works - Leadership Circle Membership

    Summary Video (3 minutes and 10 seconds):

    Employer Testimonial Video (2 minutes and 10 seconds):

    External Research Report - Executive Summary