Laptop Loan Program

In support of students in need of technological assistance, Anishinabek Employment And Training Services is currently offering a Laptop Loan Program. If you are a student who is enrolled in an AETS program and is in need of a laptop for your studies, please review our policys below and contact your AETS Officer. We will review applications and communicate with all applicants to let them know the outcome (i.e. if they are approved for a laptop or not). 

Terms of Use

  • Laptops are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Students may only borrow one laptop at a time.
  • Students loaning a laptop from AETS must sign an agreement form. The form will be kept on file for future reference as required. 
  • Laptops must be returned in-person to an AETS staff member. The staff member will verify that all loaned equipment has been returned.
  • The student agrees to assume the cost of equipment repair or replacement in the event of damage, theft, or misuse. AETS will not be responsible for loss of files as a result of malware, hardware failure, or network failure. Any files copied or downloaded onto the laptop will be removed upon return and cannot be recovered.

Failure to return loaned equipment

Failure to return the loaned equipment may result in the student’s borrowing privileges being revoked for future loans. 


Agreement Form