Natural Resources Training to Employment (NRTE) Program

Natural Resources Training to Employment (NRTE) Program completed in March 2013.

It consisted of seven weeks of Foundational Training and Sector Training from one or more of the following eight programs:

A-Z Truck Driving - 5 weeks (Flysheet Link)

Aboriginal Hospitality and Tourism Program - 10 weeks classroom and 6 weeks of on the job placement training (Flysheet Link) or 10 week training option (Flysheet Link)

Business Management & Entrepreneurship - Up to 4 weeks (Flysheet Link)

Commercial Fisherman I Deckhand - 2 Weeks (Flysheet Link)

Diamond Driller Helper - 3 Weeks and up to a 3 week Field Experience (Flysheet Link)

Forest Inventory Management - 4 Weeks (Flysheet Link)

Line Cutting - 5 Weeks including 3 weeks Field Work Experience (Flysheet Link)

Sawmill Worker Program - 20 weeks including 8 Weeks Field Work Experience (Flysheet Link)

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