2023 Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program

Are you interested in gaining experience in the skilled trades?

Contact us to inquire more about our General Carpentry Training Program. We include introductory secondary trades in our Pre-Apprenticeship Training programs, such as Welding, Plumbing, Drywalling & Acoustics.

Please be advised that each Cohort does not offer the same secondary trades.





General Carpentry PATP Program Application


PATP Cohort Application Deadlines:

Cohort 1 – May 5th 2023

Cohort 2 – June 16th 2023

Cohort 3 – July 14th 2023


For furthering questions & inquiries please contact:

Project Coordinator: jordan.rousselle@aets.org

(807) 346-0307 EXT 216

Liaison Officer: lorraine.keough@aets.org

(807) 346-0307 EXT 209

Liaison Officer: sheryl.singleton@aets.org

(807) 698-5612 EXT 302

Intake Assistant: emily.mccauley@aets.org

(807) 346-0307 EXT 205



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