Indigenous Entrepreneurship Course 2020


Anishinabek Employment and Training Services delivery of The Martin Family Initiatives Entrepreneurship Program

Given COVID-19, this session was postponed from last Spring 2020 until December 7th 2020.   Thank you for your patience and understanding.  Stay safe!


The Martin Family Initiative (MFI), a registered Canadian charitable foundation, was founded in 2008 to work in partnership with the Indigenous people of Canada, governments, educators and the private sector to improve educational outcomes for Indigenous children, youth, and adults.  MFI recently developed a non-accredited 60-hour Indigenous Entrepreneurship Course (IEC), which is based on the Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneurship Program (AYEP).

Indigenous Entrepreneurship Course

There is a tremendous need in First Nation and in non-First Nations communities for entrepreneurs to start small businesses in order to create employment and improve the quality of life. Many Indigenous adults have established small businesses (e.g., catering, hunting guide, and artists) without any training in entrepreneurship.

There are many Indigenous adults who want to establish a small business but are reluctant to do so because they do not know how to develop a business plan and other key elements of a successful business start-up. Recent Indigenous graduates of technology programs (e.g., welders, mechanics, and electricians) would like to establish small businesses to serve community members and others.

IEC is a 60-hour course over two weeks, which includes key elements of both the Grade 11 and the Grade 12 AYEP courses. Students are present in the classroom for all lessons with the instructor throughout the courses. This is not an independent study, on-line, or distance education program.

In addition to some AETS Staff and a Teacher Facilitator (Shirley Stevens), there are a variety of local stakeholders engaged with the delivery of the program including 7 Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre Staff as well as Confederation College and a variety of Guest Speakers.

 IEC:  Table of Contents

Lesson 1 Entrepreneurship

Lesson 11 A Mission Statement

Lesson 2 Business Types

Lesson 12 Planning

Lesson 3 Characteristics of Leaders

Lesson 13 Developing a Production Plan

Lesson 4 Respect in Business

Lesson 14 The Marketing Plan

Lesson 5 Looking for Opportunities

Lesson 15 Laws, Rules, and E-Commerce

Lesson 6 Researching the Market

Lesson 16 Buying and Selling Online

Lesson 7 Units of Sale and Variable Costs

Lesson 17 Designing a Home Page

Lesson 8 Pricing Strategies

Lesson 18 Keeping Financial Records

Lesson 9 Your Business Venture

Lesson 19 Visiting a Bank/Credit Union

Lesson 10 Your Business Plan

Lesson 20 Dealing with Customers

Lesson 21 Effective Business Communication 
Lesson 22 Preparing for a Trade Show


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