Heavy Duty Equipment Technician

Do you like working with your hands and don’t mind getting a little dirty?  Then we have this exciting offer to be trained as a pre-apprentice for a Heavy-Duty Equipment Technician. The opportunities will be endless for potential employment once you have completed a full apprenticeship program as a Heavy-Duty Equipment Technician.






  • June 19 to September 15 (12 + 1 week prep) for 12 Heavy-Duty Equipment Technician & Subsidized Work Placement




  • 16 years of age or older
  • Minimum Grade 12





For further questions & inquiries please contact:

Heavy Duty Equipment Technician Project Co-ordinator: narcise.kakegabon@aets.org

(807) 346-0307 EXT 217


Liaison Officer: lorraine.keough@aets.org

(807) 346-0307 EXT 209


Liaison Officer: sheryl.singleton@aets.org

(807) 698-5612 EXT 302


Intake Assistant: emily.mccauley@aets.org

(807) 346-0307 EXT 205