SayBiz is a  program for Aboriginal Youth to learn about becoming an Aboriginal entrepreneur! Among the communities there are Aboriginal entrepreneurs among all industries! Learning from Business owners with real world experience to design and create your own entrepreneurial path which you are the “boss” and have the choice to choose the strategy you prefer to get your business off the ground!

1. Learn while you earn in a nine week empowering entrepreneurship program

2. Earn a $1,800 ($200/week) training allowance (as a minimum), and engage in two (all expenses paid) one week long retreats in Thunder Bay during the summer from July 2 to August 29, 2014.

3. Use of a Lenovo Laptop Computer and carry case for research and team networking purposes during each of the nine weeks

4. Be part of a team network of 18 Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneurs from 9 First Nation Communities

5. Receive encouragement from an Elder, Mentor and Business Owners to explore identity while supporting the development of entrepreneurship skills

6. Focus on positive change, capacity-building and the strengths of each individual and community

7. Collaborate with your First Nation community and members to relay knowledge and experience to participants

8. Increase self-esteem and confidence, and be inspired to participate even more in your community as an active entrepreneur leader

SAYbiz 2014 Graduates 

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