Supercom Services Delivery Partnership

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Supercom Industries LP (“Supercom”) is a 100% First Nation owned business: a partnership between Fort William First Nation, Red Rock Indian Band, Pays Plat First Nation, Biigtigong Nishnaabeg, Pic Mobert First Nation and Michipicoten First Nation, and Supercom Industries Ltd., the general partner corporation owned by the same six First Nations. These are the six First Nations along the northern shore of Lake Superior (the "Proximate First Nations") whose collective territories comprise the route of the proposed East West Tie (the "Project”), one of Ontario’s highest priority transmission lines, linking Thunder Bay to Wawa.

 AETS has a delivery partnership with Supercom for the following training initiatives:

·         Tier 1 - Energy Readiness Program

                         Energy Readiness Program - Workplace Readiness, Workplace Skills and Industry Knowledge

                         The Energy Readiness Program is 12 weeks and ensures participants have the essentials skills, knowledge and work-
                          readiness training needed to enter energy-related employment.

·         Tier 2 - Skilled Occupations Training 

                         Pre-Trades Mechanical Harvesting Equipment Operator Program

                         Applied Environmental Techniques

                         Remote Camp Support Worker

                         Heavy Equipment Operator Program

                         Basic Line Cutting

                         Security Guard 

                         Chainsaw Operation and Safety Course

                         Remote Cook Program

                         Surveryor Assistant

·         Tier 3 - Skilled Pre-Trades Training 

                         Pre-Trades Plumber Program

                         Long Haul Truck Driver Training

                         Pre-Trades Construction Craft Worker

                         Pre-Trades Electrical Program

                         Pre-Trades Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic Program

                         Pre-Trades Welder Program

                         Pre-Trades Carpentry Program

                         Pre-Trades Powerline Technician

·         Tier 4 Employment Preparation

                         Onboarding and Job Retention