Policy Analyst

Deadline Date: Friday October 20, 2017 at 4:00 pm.

The Ontario Native Women's Association is currently accepting applications for a full time position of Policy Analyst in Thunder Bay

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Thunder Bay
380 Ray Boulevard
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Business, Finance and Administration
This position will be responsible for policy research, analysis and development to offer strategic direction, support and advocacy for the ongoing development of culturally relevant policies, legislation, and best practices that positively impact Indigenous women and their families. The Policy Analyst will conduct research and analysis of local, provincial and national policies, programs, initiatives and economic trends that affect the well-being of Indigenous women and their families. The Policy Analyst will pay particular attention to the pervasive ways in which policies and programs designed for majority culture intentionally or unintentionally affect the lives of Indigenous women and their families. The Policy Analyst will examine existing and emerging legislation and policy development to uncover the potential impacts on Indigenous women, and their families. As Indigenous women are doubly marginalized by gender and race, programs and policies developed without their full inclusion fail to respond to their needs and to consider their differing worldviews and established cultural practices. The Policy Analyst will prepare information packages, took kits, policy papers, and briefing notes. The Policy Analyst will draft correspondence, position papers, project proposals, briefing notes, work-plans, and reports; and will represent ONWA at regional and/or provincial government committees and tables. They will bring to the attention of the Director of Policy current developments in policies that affect the health and wellbeing of Indigenous women and their families.
Responsibilities - General:
Support and work towards the overall aims and objectives of the ONWA.
Adhere to all policies and procedures set forth by the Executive Director and Board of Directors.
Be a positive role model
Responsibilities - Specific:
Knowledge of policy analysis, legislative change, family healing, health care developments, and the social determinants of health
Analyze pertinent documents and reports affecting health, violence against Indigenous women, and related areas, including government announcements.
Monitor political, social economic, cultural and legislative developments for their impacts on the health of Indigenous women and their families.
Review existing and emerging services, cutbacks and identify outstanding needs of indigenous women and their families, both on and off-reserve.
Conduct research, community consultations, interviews, focus groups, and compile statistical information, in accordance with standard Indigenous methodologies.
Respond to internal and external requests for information including presentations
Work as part of a team both within the organization and with external funders and partners.
Research and develop innovative and culturally appropriate models.
Monitor, analyze, and communicate provincial level health and healing needs with a view to improve the overall health and well-being of Indigenous women and their families.
Provide advice on organizational positions for existing or emerging policy, legislation, regulation, programs, and/or services.
Prepare position papers, recommendations, briefing notes, fact sheets, reports, and other documents.
Write up research results; assist in writing proposals and preparing papers for publication.
Review and write critical summaries of research literature, data and/or public policy.
Maintain up to date resources and bibliographies as they relate to policy and research on issues affecting Indigenous women and their families. 
Attend meetings as required; represent ONWA at relevant committees and tables.
Understanding and awareness of ONWA's Strategic Plan and Resolutions in those areas that are related to issues affecting Indigenous women and their families.
Undertake as requested, administrative and clerical tasks associated with the Department of Policy and Research.
Carry out other tasks which may be necessary from time to time as required.
Responsibilities - Administrative:
Provide monthly activity logs and reports to the Director of Policy.
Compete quarterly reports.
Complete reports to funders as required.
Monitor and analyze financial budgets related to approve funded projects and programs.
Communicate information with co-workers on any concerns or issues that pertain to health and related issues. 
Make recommendations to Director of Policy on emerging issues.
Responsibilities - Public Relations:
Maintain good public relations with Funding Agents programs staff, Local Delivery Agents, co-workers, resource people, agencies, suppliers, local/out of town organizations and the community in general.
Prepare article for publishing in ONWA newsletter or other related sources.
Standards of Performance:
Adhere to Policies and Procedures as set by the ONWA.
To execute duties and responsibilities outlined in this job description.
The Policy Analyst will be directly accountable to Director of Policy for the proper completion of the functions outlined in the job description.
A post-secondary degree is preferred, and/or diploma and a minimum of 5 years work experience in the area of Political Social Science (s) or Women's/Indigenous Study (ies), or an equivalent combination of education and work experience.
Proven work experience related to policy analysis and research
Knowledge of the corporate nature, government systems and administration and the ability to interact with other government departments, Indigenous organizations and communities.
Knowledge and working of Not-for-Profit organizations.
Demonstrated organizational and time management skills, self-confident presentation, and ability to follow through on assigned duties independently within strict deadlines.
Excellent written and oral communications, with emphasis on keen listening and ability to effectively interpret verbal communications and needs of prospective clients.
Excellent working knowledge of MS office software, Excel, Word, Power Point.
Experience working with Indigenous Peoples, knowledge of Indigenous cultures and traditions. 
Knowledge and understanding of current issues facing Indigenous women and their families.
Ability to travel.
Reliable vehicle, appropriate vehicle insurance coverage and valid Ontario Driver's Licence. 
Ability to speak an Indigenous Language is considered an asset.
Closing Date/Apply by:
Friday October 20, 2017 at 4:00 pm.
How To Apply:
Applicants are asked to submit a resume and cover letter; no later than 4:00 p.m. on Friday October 20, 2017 to the attention of:
Human Resources
Ontario Native Women's Association
380 Ray Boulevard Thunder Bay, ON P7B 4E6
Fax: 807-623-1104
Email: onwa%23ca|hr
Toll free phone number: 1-800-667-0816
Qualified Indigenous Women are particularly encouraged to apply.

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Human Resources
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Ontario Native Women's Association
380 Ray Boulevard
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P7B 4E6
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