Mental Health & Addictions Anti-Human Trafficking

Deadline Date: November 1, 2021

Mental Health & Addictions Anti-Human Trafficking Liaison


The Mental Health &Addictions Anti-Human Trafficking Liaison (MHAAHT LIAISON) will work to identify community needs and assist in building capacity to address mental health, addictions, trafficking and support Indigenous survivors of trafficking. The MHAAHT Liaison will assist in providing targeted service-planning and delivery supports to Indigenous agencies and communities, as well as assisting non-Indigenous agencies seeking to provide culturally appropriate services to Indigenous survivors of Human Trafficking.

Liaisons will have a thorough understanding of the issues that Indigenous women are facing in their lives and how human trafficking specifically impacts Indigenous women and will assist in the development of unique services that are tailored to meet their needs.

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Thunder Bay
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Social Science, Education, Government Service and Religion


1. Network with organizations, service agencies and PTOs to connect regarding services for Indigenous survivors of trafficking and to assess the availability of agencies to meet the needs of Indigenous survivors of trafficking.
2. Liaise with community professionals with high emphasis on mental health and addiction systems.
3. Utilize an Indigenous gender-based approach - assessing community buy-in and needs within Indigenous agencies providing front-line services.
4. Provide a range of mental health services to Indigenous women and their families and caregivers experiencing emotional/behavioral and mental health disorders.
5. Assess agencies’ knowledge and consideration of existing and potential human trafficking activities in their communities and provide advice to agencies on how their service plans, programs and policies can better meet the needs of Indigenous survivors of human trafficking.

6. Develop a work plan identifying services agencies within the communities that can provide services to survivors.
7. Address culturally specific prevention and awareness appropriate to each community and its Anti-Human Trafficking initiatives.
8. Leverage existing resources with a unique focus on the specific needs of Indigenous survivors of trafficking.
9. Develop a service model and work with local and regional agencies to support and assist with developing plans to meet the needs of Indigenous survivors.
10. Assist with the creation of an Indigenous-specific prevention and awareness campaign within the province.
11. Keep abreast of pertinent issues in communities and the province in terms of Human Trafficking, particularly the sex trafficking of Indigenous women.
12. Respond to trends around mining and resource extraction and the increased risk of trafficking in communities that are affected. This includes identifying service needs of Indigenous communities in remote, rural, and fly-in communities.
13. Attend quarterly meetings to provide updates on local and regional work as well as formulating provincial responses that are specific to needs of Indigenous communities and survivors.
14. Participate in Quarterly Advisory Committee meetings, the Provincial Human Trafficking Committee meetings, and Training and Professional Development.
15. Assemble data and prepare and submit reports, periodic and special reports, manuals, and correspondence.
16. Report to and collaborate with the ONWA Management team to successfully implement the program.
17. Work within a designated budget.
18. Support, promote and encourage ONWA’s and the programs mandates and purposes.
19. A willingness to learn about Indigenous culture and traditions.
20. All other duties as assigned.



1. Complete monthly reports and submit to supervisor when required.
2. Complete quarterly reports on or before the requested due date.
3. Complete reports to funders as required.
4. Complete and attend supervisions on a regular basis.



1. Promote the program within the community.
2. To adhere to professionalism in always representing the organization.



1. Adhere to the Policies and Procedures as set by the ONWA.
2. Representation on committees as required for the enhancement and benefits of ONWA’s programs.
3. To network and promote ONWA and all ONWA related programs. Maintain good communication.
4. Always maintain professionalism.
5. The completion of functions outlined in the description and the achievement of goals set to a high level.
6. Attendance and conduct at work according to the requirements of the Association’s Personnel Policy.
7. Adherence to the Code of Ethics, and positive relationship building.


 Post-secondary diploma/degree in Social Sciences, Indigenous Studies, Women’s Studies with a minimum five (5) years’ work experience in community service delivery in a project coordination role.
• Preference will be given to candidates with experiential knowledge in Human Trafficking
and/or sexual exploitation, who are a ‘survivor’ of Human Trafficking and/or sexual exploitation, who have completed a minimum of five (5) years of recovery work while living a HT/SE free life.
• Minimum three years direct experience working in mental health services, with responsibility for providing community based mental health and addiction services.
• Understanding of the principles of cultural trauma-informed care and wise practices in providing trauma-informed care.
• A comprehensive understanding of harm reduction theory and practices through an Indigenous lens.
• Strong understanding of behavioral, emotional, and mental health wellness, and disorders of Indigenous women and their families (including children and youth).
• Experience working with Indigenous populations in mental health and substance misuse issues.
• Knowledge of Indigenous Culture, Traditions, and Indigenous Community and a genuine respect and understanding of it to comfortably teach and use it with our Community Members.
• Demonstrated experience providing services to Indigenous families and/or communities.
• Strong awareness of issues affecting Indigenous women and awareness of Community resources provincially.
• Strong communicator - excellent written, oral, and facilitation skills.
• Knowledge of and relationships with other service agencies, ability to network and create/maintain these relationships.
• Experience coordinating workshops and/or conferences.
• Must be dependable, able to follow instructions, respond to management direction and be able to improve performance through management feedback.
• Capacity to solve problems and to see different perspectives.
• Ability to plan, organize and manage time effectively.
• Highly motivated individual with the ability to work with minimal supervision.
• Knowledge of Not-For Profit Organizations.
• Proficient working knowledge of MS Office Software, internet, and general office equipment.
• Ability to travel when required.
• Reliable vehicle, appropriate vehicle insurance coverage and valid Ontario “G” class driver’s license.
• Current, valid vulnerable sector criminal records check. Valid 1st Aid/CPR.
• A cellular phone and internet access is required within this position
• Must be willing and able to work a flexible working from home arrangement if required. This may include a combination of virtual remote work in your home and in office arrangements. This will be based on operational needs and will be determined by the ONWA.
• Ability to speak an Indigenous Language is considered an asset.
• ONWA is committed and legally obligated (via Ontario Public Health Directives and Regulations) to implement measures to protect its clients, staff and other stakeholders from COVID-19. To comply with its legal obligations, ONWA has implemented a mandatory vaccination policy. Exemptions will be made for those with a valid medical exemption; proof of the exemption will be required.


 Inter-cultural Competency Informed – Understands to incorporate a personal responsibility to increase sensitivity, awareness, and implementation of ONWA’s cultural teachings and organizational practices in both professional conduct and work-related deliverables.
 Indigenous Gender-Based Analysis Informed – Understands to incorporate an intersectional approach to gender, race and discrimination and subsequent intergenerational impacts affecting Indigenous women and their families.
 Trauma-Based Practice Informed – Understands to incorporate a trauma-informed approach to recognize and respond to all forms of trauma and the necessity of supporting Indigenous women in a culture of tradition and safety in her healing journey.
 She is Wise Leadership Informed – Understands to incorporate the Four Agreements within daily responsibilities and combined with ONWA’s cultural teachings contribute to the empowerment and leadership of Indigenous women within their communities.



To execute duties and responsibilities outlined in this job description.



The Indigenous Anti-Human Trafficking Liaison will be directly accountable to the Community Development Manager for the proper completion of the functions outlined in the job description.


ONWA is committed and legally obligated (via Ontario Public Health Directives and Regulations) to implement measures to protect its clients, staff and other stakeholders from COVID-19. To comply with its legal obligations, ONWA has implemented a mandatory vaccination policy. Exemptions will be made for those with a valid medical exemption; proof of the exemption will be required


 Indigenous Women are particularly encouraged to apply. 


We welcome applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.


As Indigenous leaders, ONWA is continuing full operations including hiring, while working from home, as supporting our community members is a priority.  ONWA is scheduling all interviews, providing all training, onboarding and orientation for new employees, through the use of virtual tools.  We will continue to accommodate remote and home based work arrangements in an effort to keep our ONWA employees healthy and safe 

Closing Date/Apply by:
November 1, 2021
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Apply online at

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Brenda Dulude
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HR Clerk
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Ontario Native Women's Association
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